What we Offer!

Find the best-fit cloud based solutions, for a sustainable growth of your business.

Custom Apps for Unique Business Needs

Quick Design & Delivery

The apps get designed and delivered in couple of days.

Access Management

One click app distribution with access management.

Inter-App Data Communication

Customisable workflows with inter-app data communication.

Low Cost

Multiple mobile applications for your business at a low cost.

Supports Logic & Formulae

Drag and Drop software blocks supporting calculations and logic


Custom reports and charts with remote actions.

All-In-One Business Expense Management System

Employee Expense Management

Make employee expense management cashless and paperless. Empower employees to spend digitally while staying in control. Track all employee spending in one place and sync data easily with your accounting software.

Digital Marketing Spends

Built for marketing teams who need corporate cards for paid campaigns, tools and online purchases. Happay digital marketing cards can be linked to all digital platforms including Facebook, Salesforce, Google, Twitter etc. They are also accepted on all international payment gateways

Petty Cash Management

Tailor-made for multi-chain retail businesses, Happay’s petty cash cards and expense management software enable instant distribution of petty cash across locations. Our web/mobile apps empower staff to report and reconcile expenses online - with zero paperwork

Travel & Expense Management

Manage your entire travel workflow - from travel requisitions and advances to reporting and recon with our integrated travel & expense management solution. Take control of all travel expenses, ensure 100% policy compliance and give your business travelers a great experience.

Employee Flexible Benefits

HR/admin teams can now distribute employee benefits like food vouchers and medical allowances on Happay cards and manage these benefits from an easy-to-use digital platform.

Vendor Payments

Processing multiple vendor payments at frequent intervals over a month? Add vendors, pre-schedule payments, track invoice statuses easily using Happay's web platform.

Cloud Based Transaction Platform


Discover, connect with and manage your business partners on a single platform


Manage your cash-flows and get better picture of your business

Management Dashboard

An overview of expenses, transactions, orders and finances


Get detailed reports of all transactions

Database Management System

Manage and Store all Documents to reduce paperwork. Always have visibility on receivables and payables


Work closely with other businesses and efficiently manage transactions

GST Compliant

Ensure your business fully adheres to GST norms and best practices

Support & Training

Dedicated support staff for your employees and suppliers


Automised quotation comparison sheet with itemised report. Efficient execution of multiple RFQs. Generate multiple POs from comparison sheet.

Track Transactions

Improved collaboration on Transaction Timeline. Greater visibility with Real-Time status. Easy and Effective Business Communication

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