SaaS "MYTH"ology
In a world where hearsay spreads faster than storm, SaaS being one of the BIG talks of the town is one such victim.Although we might say that SaaS is still new or SaaS is hyped; i have one quick question for you- Do you use Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail or any typical mail server to check mails for that matter, then Sir, you are using AND loving SaaS.  Here are some mythbusters: #1 SaaS
SaaS v/s On-Premise
 It was the first quarter of 2005, when SaaS (Software as a Service) came into being, along with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). Until then On-Premise offerings were most pertinent in the market. But today, when we have both SaaS and On-Premise offerings the BIG question is, which one to choose for an SME setup!But before that, lets find out what they mean, without actually using big fancy technical jargons.
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